Turan &Turan Health Group

turan & turan health group

TURAN TURAN is a health group that provides services in the field of bone, muscle, and joint health, where Orthopedics and Traumatology specialists and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation specialists collaborate together. They continue to provide advanced treatment options to patients with the experience gained by focusing on musculoskeletal health for many years.

Turan & Turan provides all surgical and non-surgical treatment services in bone, muscle, and joint diseases with cutting-edge medical technological infrastructure and an expert team for international patients.




  • Robotic Orthopedics
  • physical therapy
  • rehabilitation
  • interventional pain therapy

Robotic Orthopedics


Robots are often used as devices that help people perform powerful and dangerous tasks. However, over the years, the roles of robots have changed and robotic systems have been used in many areas of surgery in medicine to increase safety and precision.

The use of robots in surgical procedures dates from the 1980s. In the 1990s, robotic surgical systems began to be used in hip and knee replacement surgeries. Over the years, modern robots that we use today in joint prosthesis surgeries have been designed and developed. Today, NAVIO robotic surgery has taken its place as a new-generation robotic surgery system that focuses on hip and knee replacement surgeries.

As TURAN&TURAN bone, muscle, and joint health group, we are at the service of our patients with the experience of more than 1000 robotic prosthetic surgeries and the new generation robotic prosthesis surgery system NAVIO.

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