All You Need to Know

As a Cross-Border Patient

All you need to know as cross-border patients 

Deciding to go abroad for treatment is not an easy task. we know that going under the knife in a foreign country where you do not know people’s language when none of your family are beside you makes the decision more difficult for you. what if something emergency happens? what if something went wrong? what if I couldn’t get my medicine on time? these questions and many others keep entering your mind. but here is what you need to know when you want to go abroad for your medical destination.

the first thing you should care about is finding a reliable medical tourism facilitator. some hospitals offer concierge or travel services to foreign patients but you should be ensured of the quality of their services. because facilitating foreign patients is a specialized task, and it needs lots of arrangement and most hospitals only focus on treatment. we know that international patient travel is not just a treatment it starts from the very moment you want to choose your medical destination.

Medical tourism facilitator companies strive hard to consider the patient experience as a whole not only the surgery. from the time you decide to go abroad, you make the arrangement, send your medical record, reserve your accommodation, buy your ticket, go to the country, are welcomed at the airport, etc. as a medical tourism facilitator, SSKMedTour has realized the importance of patient experience and striving hard to improve it day by day. we already know that the experience of a medical tourist largely depends upon:

  • Ease of reaching the destination
  • Competence of the medical staff
  • The efficiency of the hospital administration
  • The professionalism of hospital management
  • Quality of service and care provided by the hospital
  • Getting clear guidance from the hospital regarding follow-ups
  • Quick disengagement from hospitals after settling the bills.
  • Law and order of the destination country.

in the following, you can read more about the patient’s guide, the patient requirements for medical travel, and step by step guide to medical travel.


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