Medical Travel Guide

preparing for a health travel

Medical Travel Checklist

Health travel is much different from a regular trip for a vacation. Although packing your bags is not much different, you should pay more attention. In the following, we suggested what you should care about before your health travel. 


What you need for your health travel:


  • have a valid passport
  • check insurance coverage for travel and surgery
  • prepare your complete medical history, medicines, allergies, and immunization records.
  • ensure that you have the contact data of the healthcare provider and assistant
  • check the weather forecast of the destination country
  • make photocopies of your passport and immunization records and keep them in a different location
  • buy proper flight tickets
  • have enough supply of medicine and know the generic name of your medicine, in case of emergency.
  • health precautions ( check out recommendations for vaccinations and other health considerations )


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