Bridging the Gap: How Bookingsmed academy Is Addressing the Challenges of Medical Tourism

medical tourism course

Bookingsmed Academy is an online course in the field of medical tourism. Its aim is to train professional experts in the field to address the issues that are often overlooked. Medical tourism is related to people’s health, so there are many considerations that need to be taken into account. In the following, you can learn more about Bookingsmed Academy, its goals, objectives, courses, and instructors.

What is Bookingsmed Academy? 


Medical Tourism is growing fast, with new subcategories added constantly. However, the education and training in this field are lagging. Since Medical and Health Tourism are demanding and fast-growing sectors, the need for training programs is crucial and ultimately will help you to be successful in this promising industry. Medical Tourism training is essential as it helps organizations deliver high-quality patient care by anticipating customers’ requirements, caring for their needs, or even surpassing their expectations. Medical Tourism is a patient-centered industry, so it needs the best standards of patient care. Therefore in establishing Bookingsmed Academy, we are going to fill this gap in the field. 

Bookingsmed Academy Goals


Our goal at Bookigsmed Academy is to offer highly professional and practical medical tourism courses by gathering highly skilled practitioners from all over the world. This international course is designed and implemented based on the needs of the participants. Our tailor-made solutions provide participants with the most up-to-date industry information and academic research findings. We help them to translate and adapt the shared information to their very own business situation and help them during the implementation process.

Bookingsmed Academy Objectives


Participants will gain the essential information and principles to enter the Medical Tourism industry

  • Detailed practical knowledge for becoming a successful Medical Tourism agent
  • Gain insight, new knowledge and skills for managing patient cases and teamwork
  • Learn how to communicate appropriately with patients, patients’ companions, hospital staff and other people involved in the healing process.
  • Hospitals managers, travel agencies and facilitators will gain the necessary information for running a successful International Medical Tourism department

Bookingsmed is an online booking system for medical tourism. The new marketplace for clinics, doctors, thermal centers, and medical Spa.

Why Choose Bookingsmed Academy?


  • International Instructors

instructors of these courses are among the most professional experts in the field

  • Connect to the world

By attending these courses, you will connect to the most successful companies and managers all over the world

  • A practical method of Teaching

These courses use practical case studies and role play and many other methods of experiential teaching

  • Valid certification

Participants will receive an internationally valid certification from Bookingsmed

  • Learn how to manage a patient’s case

learn how to manage a patient’s case from the beginning to the end. 

  • Get broad perspective

You will learn about the practical medical systems of various countries and include their excellent services

our courses


  1. Medical Tourism Management:
 The basics


  1. History, Marketing Concepts, and Strategies
  2. Medical Tourism Destinations
  3. Hospitality & Hotel Industry
  4. Marketing Concepts & Strategies
  5. Spa & Wellness Tourism
  6. Travel Retailing and Logistics
  7. The world history of medical tourism
  8. Geography of medical tourism
  9. Medical tourism activities
  10. Impact of Medical Tourism

02: Medical Tourism Management



  1. Medical Tourism Ethical, Legal & Social Concerns
  2. Quality Standards in Medical Tourism
  3. Medical Tourism-Issues & Challenges
  4. Medical Tourism the Future of Health Services
  5. Luxury/VIP sector of medical tourism
  6. Possession/Travel Laws and Regulations
  7. Medical tourism business planning
  8. Human resources in medical tourism
  9. Pricing of medical tourism services
  10. Medical service promotion
  11. Customer service excellence in medical tourism

03: Strategic Thinking & Marketing

1. The strategic marketing planning process

2. Mission, value strategies, and market definition

3. Internal analysis

4. Customer analysis

5. Industry Analysis

6. Competitors analysis

7. SWOT analysis

8. Corporate Objectives and corporate strategies

9 . Marketing objectives and marketing strategies

10. Product, price, place

11. Marketing communication

12. Organization and implementation of marketing

13. Building destination brands, hospital & clinic brands, and physician brands.

04: Leading customer experience

  1. Introduction to customer experience
  2. Qualities and Actions of the Customer-focused Leader
  3. Customer Insights and Priorities
  4. Recruiting for Attitude, Training for Excellence
  5. Motivating and Empowering Your People
  6. Communication and Praise
  7. Consistently Consistent

05: Telemedicine

  •  Telemedicine services
  • Telemedicine in prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Health crises and telemedicine Practical – clinical experiences of telemedicine
  • Telemedicine in prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Health crises and telemedicine Practical – clinical experiences of telemedicine
  1. Telemedicine infrastructure
  • Feasibility studies for the development of telemedicine
  • Challenges and Opportunities of telemedicine development
  • Hardware, software, and telecommunication network
  • Empowerment of telemedicine providers and consumers
  • Familiarity with the required equipment


  1. Application of new information technologies in telemedicine
  • Application of robots in Telemedicine
  • Artificial Intelligence in Telemedicine
  • Companion Health in telemedicine
  • Cloud computing in Telemedicine
  • Biosensors in telemedicine
  • Other new information technologies in telemedicine, necessary technologies for the implementation of telemedicine


  1. Telemedicine in health tourism
  • Information transmission
  • Transparency and effective communication
  • Secure customer affairs management
  • Secondary Diagnosis and treatment methods
  • Rehabilitation activities and remote care
telemedicine in bookingsmed academy

Accessible tourism

  • General information on accessible tourism
  • Definition of accessible tourism
  • History
  • Users of accessible tourism
  • Public organizations that support accessibility and the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Universal accessibility.
  • Statistics and projections of accessible destinations.
  • Economic benefits of accessible tourism
  1. Tangible and intangible accessibility
  • Models and types of disabilities: sensory, intellectual, visceral, multiple, and motor
  • Appropriate attention to each person with restricted capacities
  • Adequacy of activities and services for accessible destinations
  • Accessible spaces: signage, barrier-free architecture, etc.
  1. Inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Websites and hotels
  • Public places such as restaurants, cinemas, theaters
  • Adapted city tours.
  • Sports, recreational activities, beaches, etc.
  • Transportation: airports, subway lines, etc.
  • Other tourist services
accessible tourism in bookingsmed academy



Bookingsmed academy has been organized by Bookingsmed and SSKMedtour. BookingsMed Is an online booking system for Medical Tourism. It is both B2B and B2C. The new Marketplace for Clinics, Doctors, Thermal Centres and Medical Spa.

Sskmedtour is an international medical tourism facilitator. our main and first task is to bridge the gap between medical tourists and healthcare providers.

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