Why Choose Turkey?


Turkey is one of the popular medical tourism destinations. Turkey is strategically placed at the meeting point between Europe and Asia. It is surrounded by eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. This unique geographical position makes it an amalgam of Eastern and Western cultures.

Turkey for Medical Tourism


One of the top 17 popular countries for medical tourism today is Turkey. In 2018, 700,000 foreigners visited Turkey just to take advantage of their excellent medical treatment and care services. Overall, 32 percent of the country’s patients are medical tourists!

Some of the reasons behind Turkey’s popularity are the following:

  • The country has an affordable healthcare system
  • It has the highest number of US-accredited hospitals
  • Most doctors, having trained in Europe and America, choose to practice and take up their residency in Turkey

Hospitals in  Turkey

Medical Park Antalya Hastanesi


Baskent University Hospital


Amerikan Hospital

amerikan hospital in turkey

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