The forms that you should fill out!

Thank you for choosing SSKMedTour as your facilitator. Please fill out the following forms. 



1. Medical History Form

Our Step-by-Step Process


After you visit  and have decided on your procedure(s), here is a simplified breakdown to guide you through the medical tourism process:


Step1: before treatment


  • fill out online registration form.
  • A Case Manager (CM) will call you within 24 hours.
  • You will receive detailed proposal information from your personal CM (including a price quotation).
  • Discuss all details with your CM during your follow-up call.
  • Complete your personal medical questionnaire which will be sent to your surgeon abroad. If necessary may require X-rays or MRI’s. This information is kept confidential and viewed by the Medical Team only.
  • A conference call will be arranged between you, your physician abroad, your doctor here & sskmedtour team.
  •  Finalize your procedures and trip itinerary (including all required medical documents).


Step 2: during the treatment

  • Departure to your chosen destination/hospital.
  • Greeted by your SSK at the airport.
  • You are given your own mobile phone for use abroad.
  •  Meet your doctor for the initial consultation. For major surgery, it is suggested that you arrive at your destination two days prior for pre-op tests.
  •  Undergo your procedure.
  • Recuperate and relax in pleasant surroundings.
  •  Tour your beautiful destination.
  •  Travel home.


Step3: after treatment

  • Your CM will call to follow up and hear all about your wonderful experience.