IMTEC International Medical Tourism Exhibition & Conference

IMTEC Oman 2023

Oman as a country whose citizens mostly travel abroad for medical health has always been the focus of many countries. now, many countries compete to attract Omani people to their countries. 

IMTEC Oman Exhibition & Conference is one of the most well-known medical tourism events in the middle east and is welcomed by many countries in the middle east, Asia, and European countries.  

IMTEC is an international annual event that highlights the continued development of the healthcare sector in Oman. 

IMTEC encompasses all aspects of medical and wellness tourism, opening doors for medical services, medical facilities, and opportunities for new developments, trends, trade, and investments. 

IMTEC Oman 2023  provides a global platform for hospital groups, medical trend organizations, and health services companies to increase their international visibility and patient network and gain market share in this growing industry. 

This event will host more than 100 regional and international exhibitors and attract an estimated 20,000 attendees from all over the world. 

We are so proud that SSKMedTour is the official representative of IMTEC in Iran and we are collaborating with this successful event. this event has proved its great potential during 6 past events. this is a kind of exhibition where you can not only find your international patients but also connect to world medical tourism companies. 

IMTEC Oman 2023 exhibition & conference will provide easy access to business, networking, and investment opportunities and will provide a platform to showcase the latest technologies, services, and facilities to the trade. 

IMTEC welcomes medical professionals across Oman, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and US market, offering a range of marketing solutions to all clients involved with the healthcare sector. 

through this spectacular show with an international presence, IMTEC  will showcase the latest technological advancements and new trends in the medical and healthcare industry. it paves the way for a genuine exchange of ideas on the most challenging issues of healthcare today. 

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