Infertility treatments

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Infertility Treatments

Infertility problems are considered negative side-effects of the modern lifestyle which has been growing through the recent decades as there are many couples who would like to have a baby, but they are unable to experience that naturally.
Actually, infertility refers to the situation in which pregnancy does not happen when a couple has been trying to achieve at least a year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. However, the success rate for infertility treatment has been increased through recent years and the infertility problems of many people have been solved with current methods.
Iran is regarded as one of the leading countries in treating infertility for both men and women because of the existence of high-tech institutes like Royan institute.
There are different methods to treat infertility problems. Here, we learn more about one of the most common and effective methods in infertility treatments, IVF.

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