The Historic City of Yazd

jameh mosque of yazd

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The Historic City of Yazd in Iran
jameh mosque of yazd

Yazd, the second-largest residential adobe area in the world

The historic city of Yazd, a vast and ancient region dated back to several thousand years ago history for several thousand years, is considered the most extensive, most systematic, and most original historical area of Iran and the second-largest residential adobe area of the world.
You can walk through its ancient alleys and feel the past. Yazd’s architecture has made it unique in the world, you cannot find any other place like this in the world. The originality of the city has been preserved for centuries. the unique structure of the city which is located in the middle of the desert has been modified to make life easier and more comfortable in the hot dry climate of the city for the residents during the centuries. The historical construction of this city, windmills, Qanat system, traditional and adobe alleys and houses, minarets, and, domes are the most significant apparent characteristics index of Yazd historical city. Vicinity to Silk Road, historical buildings, reservoirs, hammams, baths, bazaars, mosques, Tekyehs, prisons, Hussainiyas, temples, old gardens, Zoroastrian temples, museums, etc. is the other specific features of this historical city.
Let’s review what places are expecting you during your visit to Yazd:

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