IVF in Iran

Starts at : 1800 $

The Price Includes:

  • Surgeons fee
  • hospital charges
  • hospital stay
  • pre-ops
  • follow-ups
  • phone call & wifi
  • airport pickup
  • support group
  • hotel
  • tickets




Why choose Iran for your IVF & Fertility Treatments?

IVF treatment in Iran dates back to the 1980s when leading IVF experts in Germany introduced IVF technology to Iran. Nowadays more than 3500 patients are going under IVF treatment in Iran each year. if you seeking fertility treatments abroad, consider Iran as your first destination. the topmost reason for that is the expertise of Iranian physicians, the high demand for fertility treatments in society made them update themselves consistently. thanks to the devaluation of Iran’s currency, you can receive high-quality fertility treatments at the lowest price possible in the world. these features have already gained reputation for Iran as the center of infertility treatments for medical tourists in the middle east.  
The most outstanding benefits of IVF in Iran include:
  • advanced centers of fertility treatments in Iran
  • specialize and experienced physicians
  • highly affordable cost
  • the high success rate of IVF in Iran

Why Choose SSKMedTour for Your Medical Travel?

SSKMedTour is an international health tourism company committed to providing patients with the highest standards of medical treatment in Iran, Turkey and Germany, and other contracting countries, combining the most effective treatment methods and the lowest cost options for patients everywhere in the world. Sskmedtour’s mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality of personalized care using state-of-the-art technology in a compassionate and supportive setting. Our team of Board-Certified fertility specialists excels in achieving positive outcomes while offering a comfortable setting that revolves around you.
We know fertility journeys can be stressful, so it is our mission to make sure your needs are fully addressed, your questions are answered, and your dreams are made a reality.

What is the IVF success rate in Iran compared to other countries?

What is the IVF success rate in Iran compared to other countries?


Fortunately, Iran has a high IVF success rate compared to countries all over the world and many patients travel to Iran to treat their infertility problems every year.

To evaluate IVF success rate, patients are divided into 2 groups: women aged less than 35 years old and women aged more than 35 years old.

The success rate of IVF in the first group (women <35 y/o) is approximately 40 % and the success rate of IVF in the second group (women > 35 y/o) is 15- 20% on average.

IVF success rate varies a lot in different fertility centers and it depends on many factors.

IVF success rate in Iran is equal to or more than global statistics.

IVF in Iran has affordable costs which make Iran an attractive destination for international patients

High medical care experiences along with affordable prices make Iran a leading destination for infertility treatment.


Timeline for Medical Tourist Fertility Treatment

We understand that patients’ time away from home is limited and that fertility treatments may require large blocks of their valuable time. We do our best to make the procedure time efficient, especially for those traveling from outside the area.

We offer phone consultations when possible and work with each person to complete initial testing close to home before traveling to our practice. Some tests will require a visit to the practice prior to treatment.

After the treatment plan is established and a calendar of events is generated, the patient can begin making travel arrangements.

An IVF cycle leading to egg retrieval will require 10-21 days in the area for a patient or egg donor. A recipient or gestational surrogate will need to be close to the center for about a week.

After the transfer is complete, the patient can return home. The pregnancy test and early pregnancy care can be done by the patient’s own Ob/Gyn or primary care physician. We will continue to stay in e-contact with our patients and their physicians until after delivery.

While the male is not required to be available for all visits, most men elect to accompany their partners whenever possible.

What do we offer in our IVF package?


IVF Procedure


Travel Arrangement

Transfer & Pick-up


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