Ma. Josefa Navigar Alberto


Ma. Josefa Navigar Alberto

SSKMedTour International Tourism Manager

M.J Alberto is a Motivated Health Tourism Facilitator, International Medical Correspondent trained in Healthcare Provider – Medical Travel Tourism and E-mail Marketing International Division with almost 3 years of experience in a hospital setting. Medical Transcriptionist with 4 years of experience in an offshore-based company. Highly experienced in Health Tourism Facilitation and Medical Transcription. Exceptional
interpersonal, communication, and multitasking abilities.

m.j alberto sskmedtour manager

Health Tourism Facilitator

International Medical Correspondent

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand


Ma. Josefa is skillful at accomplishing an agreement between hospitals and healthcare agencies overseas such as in Asia, Europe, and North America to become business partners. she managed agent referral, patient concerns, and internal team relationships to demonstrate good workflow. she developed and maintained networks and collaborative healthcare agencies partnerships. she has great experience in working with patients.  she promoted empathy to the patient, agencies, and team with respect to developing ideas that help with their problems and concern.

She always utilizes strong interpersonal and communication skills to promote rapport with patients. She developed more efficient and market-driven healthcare strategies that increased to promote hospital services leading to a 20 % increase in hospital profit in 2 years. she exhibited managerial courage and technical direction in providing medical and hospital tourism information for the agencies. m.j Alberto ensures that the client’s inquiries have been met in a professional and friendly manner. 

bangpakok 9 international hospital

M.J Alberto is a knowledgeable figure in the health tourism industry, she kept abreast of the latest updates, developments, and collaboration practices and health care services, particularly within the medical tourism industry. she collaborated with an event organizer to provide certain information in view of promoting healthcare strategies and medical tourism via webinars, zooms, and any other social media platforms to all handled agencies. 

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