Root Canal

Root canal treatment is a process used to save a very decayed tooth by removing the damaged nerves and tissues from the root of the tooth.

Tooth infection usually begins with a large cavity in the tooth which eventually infects the pulp and the inner tissue in the root. During the root canal treatment, the inner part of the root is cleaned out before applying a filling. As a result of root canal treatment, the root of the tooth is dead, but it continues its function as a tooth.

Duration of Treatment

Sensing tenderness in the tooth and the jaw is normal for a few days after treatment and the treated tooth is likely to feel different from the rest of the teeth, but it will subside over time.

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In order to ensure the necessity for root canal treatment, the person is needed to take an X-ray photograph of the affected tooth and the surrounding area.

Precautions before, during and after the Procedure

Before the Procedure

In case there is a need for particular precautions before the procedure, the dentist will discuss it with you.

During the Procedure


After establishing the necessity for root canal treatment, the dentist will numb the area and cover it with rubber to prevent infection during the process. He will make a cavity at top of the tooth in order to remove the pulp from the canal fill it with a particular substance. This process is done with local anesthesia and lasts 2 to 4 hours.

After the Procedure


After the procedure, the person is required to avoid eating solid foods on the tooth.

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