Hair Transplant

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1600 $

The Price Includes:

  • Surgeons fee
  • hospital charges
  • hospital stay
  • hotel
  • pre-ops
  • follow-ups
  • phone call & wifi
  • airport pickup
  • support group


hair transplant procedure

  • hair transplant procedure in Iran
  • medical tests
  • medication for treatment and recovery
  • follow-up calls

Travel Arrangements

  • Visa Authorization Code
  • Travel Insurance
  • sim card with prepaid internet
  • 24/7 online support


  • Accommodation in 4* & 5* rooms
  • rooms with wifi

pick up and transfer

  • transfer to and from the clinic
  • airport pick up and drop
  • city tour
sskmedtour hair transplant package
sskmedtour iran yazd jamea mosque

Why Choose Iran as Your Destination for a Hair Transplant?


Highly affordable cost compound with the most professional and experienced doctors makes Iran a favorite medical destination for many all around the world. cosmetic surgery in total is so common in Iran and therefore doctors in Iran are updating themselves and their facilities according to the most modern one. therefore you can receive your hair transplant surgery in real-time and save up to 80 %. you can also enjoy a very unique journey to one of the oldest countries of the world with many historical, natural attraction in a four seasoned country. 

Why Choose SSKMedTour as Your Reliable Facilitator?

sskmedtour is Committed to international patients’ rights. sskmetour brings together a team of professionals composed of doctors, nurses, hospital management, and tourism experts to care for every need of international patients. sskmedtour has partnered with many international medical tourism companies all around which help it to grow and update every day. at sskmedtour we know traveling abroad entails many stresses we work hard to make you feel at home.

sskmedtour medical tourism facilitator

Hair Transplant Cost in Iran

Cost is considered one of the main motives for traveling abroad for treatment. Iran’s cost for hair transplant surgeries is the most affordable one in the world. You may wonder how to be sure of the quality. Iran’s currency value has decreased during the last few years, as the process is expensive for the natives but it is highly affordable for international patients. Look at the table and see what is the average price in the world. Save up to 80 % and enjoy your travel!

sskmedtour hair transplant cost comparison

Additional information

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 34 × 23 × 56 cm


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