Breast Reduction

Starting from: 2800 $


Our package includes:


  • Surgeons Fee
  • Hospital Charges
  • Hospital Stay
  • Pre-Ops
  • Follow-Ups
  • Phone Call & Wi-Fi
  • Airport Pickup
  • Interpreter
  • Accommodation

What We Offer in Our Breast Reduction Package in Iran




  • the surgical procedure
  • Medical tests, photography &radiology
  • Medication for treatment
  • Follow up calls


  • 4* & 5* hotels
  • Rooms with Wi-Fi

Travel Arrangements

  • Travel insurance
  • Sim-card with prepaid internet
  • 24/7 online support
  • Visa authorization code

Pick up and transfer

  • Transfer to and from the clinic
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • City tour
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Why Cosmetic surgery in Iran?

Iran enjoys many well-experienced specialists and plastic surgeons as a lot of Iranian people have increasingly been willing to do cosmetic surgeries to enhance their look in recent years. The growing demand for cosmetic surgeries leads to well-equipped healthcare centers with up-to-date facilities offering high-quality services. In addition to the presence of well-educated specialists and surgeons using the most advanced technology available, the low-cost treatment also is considered the other important factor encouraging people for traveling to Iran. As the Iranian currency has increased its value against the Dollar, people can easily travel to Iran and receive high-quality medical services at the lowest price possible in comparison with Europe countries and the USA.

All the mentioned features make Iran known as an ideal medical destination in the world, especially in terms of cosmetic surgery.


Why SSKmedtour?

Sskmedtour is an international medical tourism facilitator company. sskmedtour is committed to providing high-quality personalized medical care. Sskmetour team is composed of real professionals with academic studies in medicine, hospital management, and tourism. we bring our experiences together to provide the best services to international patients. Our main task is to bridge the gap between international patients who seek their treatment abroad and healthcare provider across the globe. Sskmedtour has a vast network of partners in Germany, UAE, Italy, India, Argentina, and Thailand. We believe in providing safe comfortable and quality healthcare facilities with the best services for cross-border patients.


How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Iran?

You can choose Iran as your medical destination for your breast reduction surgery and have substantial savings. You only pay 2800 in Iran, as you have to pay 7000 in the US and 6000 in the UK.

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