birmingham hip resurfacing

Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery in Iran


Starting from: 3000 $


Our package includes:


  • Surgeons Fee
  • Hospital Charges
  • Hospital Stay
  • Pre-Ops
  • Follow-Ups
  • Phone Call & Wi-Fi
  • Airport Pickup
  • Interpreter
  • Accommodation



What We Offers In Our   Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery Packege




  • Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery
  • Medical tests, photography & radiology
  • Medication for treatment
  • Follow up calls




  • 4* & 5* hotels
  • Rooms with Wi-Fi



Travel arrangements

  • Travel insurance
  • Sim-card with prepaid internet
  • 24/7 online support
  • Visa authorization code



Pick up and transfer

  • Transfer to and from the clinic
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • City tour


Do you need Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery, but it is costly in your country? Is it too costly that you have to take a loan for it or do you have to put up with the pain?

You will be amazed to hear that international patients all around the world choose other alternatives. They search through the internet and look for other medical destinations to do this procedure there. Going abroad for undergoing Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery not only helps you to save up to 80 or 90 %, but also help you to receive your surgery without delay. 


Why Iran

By choosing Iran as your medical destination for your Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery you can save up to 80 %. You will receive high-quality medical services in the top hospitals in Iran.


Choose Iran as your medical destination because:

  1. Iran is a cost-efficient medical destination
  2. Iran has high-quality medical facilities
  3. Iran has the most professional and experienced doctors
  4. No waiting list
  5. Merge your holidays with medical care



sskmedtour is committed to providing high-quality personalized medical care. Sskmetour team is composed of real professionals with academic studies in medicine, hospital management, and tourism. we bring our experiences together to provide the best services to international patients. Our main task is to bridge the gap between international patients who seek their treatment abroad and healthcare provider across the globe. We believe in providing safe comfortable and quality healthcare facilities with the best services for cross-border patients.

Continuum of care


We are aware of the difficulties a patient may go through in a foreign country that is why we accompany our patients at every stage of their travel to ensure that they always feel at home and never feel alone. Knowing what to expect each step of the way helps in reducing stress and anxiety and prepares you for a smooth recovery. We provide comprehensive care plans, from diagnosis to pre-hospitalization orientation, and inpatient recovery through outpatient rehabilitation, our continuum of care will ensure that you are cared for through each phase of the surgical process.


Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery In Iran: How Much Does It Cost?


Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery is among the cheapest ones in the world. You could make substantial savings and receive the best medical services. The biggest reason to choose Iran as your medical destination is the price. Iran is a country with professional surgeons and modern hospitals that offers the most affordable price for medical procedures even cheaper than India or turkey. The low price is not because of low quality; the main reason is the low value of Iran’s currency which makes it a cheap destination for international patients.

Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery cost in Iran is 3000 $     as the price is 10000 $   in the USA, 7550 in the United Kingdom, and 5100 in Thailand.


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