iran Health Tourism


It is some years that Health (a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity) has been one of the main motivations for travel with this aim to maintain or rebuild people Mental and physical health. In modern World, maintaining, improving or rebuilding health for today’s fast moving generation is very important. People travel to use the services that have been provided for their health in different destinations. These services can be specific or within a complete package. This must be happening more than 24 hours and less than one year. Iran with its potential talent is among the 12 countries with biological medicines technology and can serve as a health tourism center. 30,000 people come to Iran each year to receive medical treatment.

Generally, we Go Iran can classify health tourism to the following fields:

  • Health tourism
  • Medical tourism
    • Therapeutic
    • Surgical
  • Medical wellness tourism
  • Spa tourism
    • Medical/thermal
    • Leisure / thermal
    • Day spa
  • Wellness tourism
  • Holistic tourism
  • Selfness tourism
  • Occupational wellness tourism
  • Leisure and sports tourism
  • Spiritual tourism