Ways to introduce wellness tourism

Exercise – Physical fitness epitomises the proactive nature of wellness by keeping the body healthy and preventing the contraction of disease. More and more studies show us that regular exercise leads to a happier mind. If your hotel already has a gym, ensure that your machines are running well and have someone on hand to offer advice on exercise. It is also good to keep the gym well-ventilated to create a fresher atmosphere and ensure your guests return. If your hotel does not have gym facilities, provide wellness tourists with information about local leisure centers or popular jogging and cycling routes.

Outdoor activities – Following on from popular paths, it is good to know your environment and area so that you can advise of nearby walking routes and vista destinations to promote outdoor activity. Thinking about local attractions and advertising your proximity to them can be a key marketing tool; if you promote another company, they might promote yours. Using social media, you can tag destinations on your heritage walks to notify them and they can easily share your post with others.

Similarly, arranging trips – either to local areas or those further afield – shows an understanding of what your guest wants from a vacation and might go beyond what is expected. Wellness tourists will appreciate the outdoor activity and the cultural knowledge gained from the local area, with the modern tourist hoping to experience something unique on vacation.

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