The first International Tourism Festival will be held in the fall of 1400 with the focus on health tourism in Isfahan province by the Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences of Isfahan City Center and Kavir Health Ambassadors Health and Medical Company. This festival is held with the following topics and in the proposed fields: Main topic: Health tourism (health tourism, medical tourism, medical tourism, the able-bodied, etc.)


The goals of the festival include the following:

1- Identifying and attracting ideas and plans that are superior to the existing capacities of the region to provide services related to tourism and treatment.

2- Paying attention to the key role of health tourism in attracting investors and tourists and its role in the sustainable development of the region and the country

3- Expanding the health tourism industry of the region on the path of globalization

4- Investigating the opportunities of health tourism in the future perspective of the tourism industry of the region and the country.

5- Creating appropriate mechanisms

Submit works under the following headings:

1- Stand-up comedy with the theme of attracting domestic and foreign human capital for the prosperity of health tourism and sustainable development of logic

2. Movies

3. Podcast


5. Travel writing

6. Infographics

7. Motion graphics

8- Article

9- Graphic works

10- Design and architecture of health village

Terms of submission of works:

1- Stand-up comedy: The subject of the performance of a memoir related to personal travel in the subject of health tourism Each film should be a minimum of two minutes and a maximum of five minutes. Send works horizontally Choose the right place and consider the cover. At the beginning of the works, introduce yourself, your city of residence and the subject of stand-up for 20 seconds.

2. Movies

1-2: Documentary film Based on one of the topics related to health tourism or health tourism attractions. The minimum duration is 10 and the maximum is 20 minutes. Before making the works, read the form related to making a documentary film. The filmmaker is known as the owner of the work at the festival. In case of obtaining a rank in the festival, the producer is obliged to grant the legal ownership of the film to the festival secretariat.

2-2: Narrative short film or introduction of a health tourism attraction Filming time is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 minutes. The performance must have a good start and end. Send works horizontally At the beginning of the works, introduce yourself and the city of your residence for 20


3. Podcast

Podcast for 3 to 6 minutes The speaker must comply with the terms of compliance with the rules of conduct and rhetoric. At the beginning of the works, introduce yourself and the city of your residence for 20 seconds.


Submitted photos must have descriptions including: date of photography, location of photography, brief description of the photo and the title of the photo (to be sent separately and not written in the text photo) Photomontage photos will not be accepted at this festival. The sender is known as the owner of the work and in case of winning, you must submit the original file to the secretariat. Photos must have no mark, frame, signature, and if viewed, the work will be removed from the judging. Photographs must be documented and color, light, and cut corrections are acceptable Each photographer can send a maximum of five photos as a digital, color or monochrome file in JPG format and a maximum size of one unique five megabytes with a resolution of 300dpi. Sending a photo to participate in the contest is a declaration of ownership of the work by the participant, and if the ownership is not proven, any points and titles attributed to the photo will be taken back, and the legal, customary and moral responsibilities of this issue are the responsibility of the participant. . The organizer is allowed to use the selected works in cyberspace, exhibition and advertising affairs (of course, mentioning the name of the owner of the work).

5. Travel

writing Travelogue is related to one of the trips in the field of health. The information provided in the headline is about health tourism attractions. Each travelogue should be at least two and at most five pages typed in Lotus 13 font. Upload one to three photos of the trip (related to the tourist attraction) on the last page. Note: The format of writing a travelogue should be studied.

6- Infographic

(information mapping) Participation in this contest is free and open to all. Group participants must nominate one person to lead the group. All communication will be with the group leader. Submissions must not have been previously published elsewhere. The maximum number of works allowed for each person is three. The use of unofficial statistics in the notice is not allowed and the official source of the statistics must be known.

7. Motion graphics

Each participant can submit 3 works for the festival. Send the work in common video file formats, preferably mp4 Maximum file size 10mb Maximum motion graphic time 2 minutes

8- Article

Download Persian and English article format

. 9- Graphic works

Delivered to the festival secretariat

. 10-Design and architecture of health village

Delivered to the festival secretariat.

To register, please refer to the following


Secretariat contact number: 031-36550515 (ext. 204)

Email address:

بدون دیدگاه

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