Traditional medicine in Iran

While traditional medicine existed in most ancient civilizations, the Persian traditional medicine has had a history of several thousand years: it developed through different time periods, influenced Greek medicine and organized it, later merged with Islamic medicine, and became a fully-fledged system for treatment and health.

Furthermore, medicinal and health knowledge has been of grave importance to Iranians since ancient times, and it is worth noting that a considerable amount of health and medicinal knowledge, for instance about the nature of different foods and the negative and positive effect of foods on each other and on the human body, still exists among ordinary people. It is quite normal in Iran, or in neighboring countries where other residents of ancient Persia now live, for someone to instruct you what food to eat or not to eat together with another, or to tell you to balance the effect of what you have eaten with a certain herb or food (e.g. take some squaw mint with your yogurt), or to open their kitchen cabinet and offer you a herbal tea for your stomachache. There is also a tendency among the general population to use traditional medicine alongside modern medicine and having physicians who have studied in both medicine systems available in Iran is among the advantages of Iran for foreign patients since the disease can be looked at from different perspectives.


Health Services



  1. Acupuncture
  2. Body cooling therapy
  3. Body heating therapy
  4. Therapy through massage
  5. Yoga Therapy (Meditation)
  6. Natural Medicine Therapy
  7. nutrition
  8. Water therapy
  9. Treatment through horseback riding
  10. Herbal remedies
  11. Cupping therapy